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Money Certificates

When you want to build up your reserves with low risk, consider PFC's signature account - Money Certificates. These strong investment options are highlighted by higher returns than most alternative investments. Available to local residents and as well as local businesses, Money Certificates are ideal if you have money you can invest for several months or years as it grows with our fixed, competitive rates.

  • Open a Money Certificate with a minimum $50 investment
  • Terms range from 6 month to 42 months
  • Typically, the longer your term, the higher your interest rate
  • Borrow up to 95% of your Money Certificate with a loan rate of 2% above your certificate rate

You can open multiple Money Certificates that mature at various terms. Upon maturity of your certificate you have a 30 days grace period to decide to rollover or redeem your certificate.

When you're ready to give your savings a boost, visit our Tamuning location to start investing.

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