April 12, 2024

The Felix M. and Governor Carlos G. Camacho Scholarship Foundation awards two GCC students with $750 scholarships for the Spring 2024

The Felix M. and Governor Carlos G. Camacho Scholarship Foundation awarded two GCC students with $750 scholarships for the Spring 2024 semester, bringing the scholarship total to $1,500.The scholarships were presented to Renz Tolentino and Katarina Hernandez (not shown) by Carlos P. Camacho, Community Relations Manager, PFC Shared Services, Frank P. Camacho, President and CEO, PFC Finance, Lin Perez, Pres. and CEO, PFC Insurance, and Jeff Schindler, President & CEO, PFC Development.

The Foundation's mission is to provide financial assistance for students pursuing business administration degrees at GCC and the University of Guam with the expectation that the Foundation will invest in the future leaders of the island community.
The Foundation anticipates awarding two scholarships at the end of each school year. An announcement will be made at a later date on when they will begin accepting applications. To learn more about the Felix M. & Governor Carlos G. Camacho Scholarship Foundation log on to guamcc.edu/scholarships

The Felix M. and Governor Carlos G. Camacho Scholarship Foundation awarded scholarships to Christian Quintanilla, a public administration senior; and Jean Bactad, an incoming junior pursing a business degree. Photo taken by University of Guam. 

Scholarship recipient Jean Bactad, a business administration incoming junior, also aims to become an entrepreneur.  Part of her upbringing was helping her parents, who are first-generation immigrants from the
Philippines, make ends meet. She helped at their stall at the old flea market in Dededo before it was abolished.  After graduating, her dream ultimately will be to get into a real estate business that will help open avenues for housing affordability.  Besides the financial support, Bactad said the scholarship also boosts morale.  “It inspires me with the thought that people do care about my education,” Bactad

–Jean Bactad, University of Guam '22 Scholarship Recipient

Scholarship recipient Christian Quintanilla is thankful for the financial support, especially because he juggles two jobs in retail and food and beverage industries while working on getting his public administration degree. “It will help a lot for school,” Quintanilla said, as he’s aiming to graduate next
semester, and eyeing a law enforcement job while he explores ways to become
an entrepreneur. Quintanilla is breaking new ground, as he will be the first in his immediate family to earn a college degree. His family has modest means, and he said he wants to show to his cousins, nieces, nephews and other relatives that college is achievable even when funding might be tight.

–Christian Quintanilla, University of Guam'22 Scholarship Recipient

"Hafa adai! My name is Aira May Ngalongalo and I would like to thank you for your sincere gratitude for selecting me once again to be one of your scholarship recipients. I am currently pursuing my Associate's degree at Guam Community College as well as majoring in Liberal Studies Business Track. This scholarship has most definitely given me the motivation to work harder in my studies and it will help me to continue my education as a first generation to go to college. I moved to Guam from Saipan to pursue my major in Business and hope to graduate with an undergraduate Bachelor's degree at the University of Guam. I am blessed to have the opportunity to receive a scholarship from your foundation. Thank you so much once again for your kind generosity and I hope to be supported again by your foundation in the future. Take care always and stay safe!"

Aira May Ngalongalo, Guam Community College '22 Scholarship Recipient

 "Dear, Camacho Foundation Scholarship - I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for making the Felix M. and Governor Carlos G. Camacho Foundation Scholarship possible. I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this honor, and I am deeply appreciative of your support. I am a working student and double majoring in Marketing and Visual Communications. I am also a freelance photographer and an active member of Guahan Paws for Pets. Receiving this scholarship will alleviate cost of my tuition fees. As an independent student, I seek every opportunity that comes to help lessen my tuition fees. Thank you for recognizing my efforts in my college career."

Marshelly Borja, Guam Community College '22 Scholarship Recipient

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