Commercial Leasing

Leasing is the modern way to obtain the use of new, time-saving, productive equipment with no capital investment by your business. A Lease is a simple agreement by the customer (your business) to pay a monthly rent for a specific amount of time, for the right to use equipment during the term of a lease.

A PFC lease offers several benefits to your company. Our Lease product is flexible, with terms starting at 2 years up to 5 years. Leasing also conserves capital, eliminating the need for a significant down payment. 100% financing frees up your working capital for other needs. Leasing may also provide tax benefits. In certain types of leases, your company can deduct lease payments as operating expense, rather than depreciating equipment over a longer period of time.

With flexible terms and an easy application and documentation process, leasing is a very convenient form of financing for your growing business.

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